Students - Faction Captains

Green - Banksia

Red - Jarrah

Gold - Acacia

Blue - Tuart



The roles and responsibilities of our Faction Captains are: 

  • To set up sports equipment in the morning and pack it away in the afternoons 
  • Keep the sports shed tidy
  • Collect the Waste Free Wednesday class tallies
  • Present the results at the class Assembly 


In Term 3 during the Faction Carnival and help the teachers to make the event a happy and enjoyable carnival for everyone.


We are proud to announce the Spring Hill Primary School 2019 Faction Captains and Vice Captains:



Text Box: Gold Acacia

Maddison Fletcher

Daniel Kaczmarek


Text Box: Green - BanksiaIsla Edwards

Trey Gremmer


Text Box: Red Jarrah

Mia Britton

Zarran Dwyer


Text Box: Blue - Tuart

James Walsh

John Coleman