Students - Student Councillors

Student Councillors for 2018  

  • Jaxon         
  • Taylah                                                            
  • Bella                                      
  • Ava
  • Mackenzie     
  • Jasmine  
  • Hannah            
  • Aiden   

The responsibilities and roles of the Student Councillor are very important and help school events run smoothly. We raise the flags everyday, collect and deliver special mail to staff, organise and participate in Friday lunchtime activities on the Basketball Courts and in the Early Childhood area. We also engage others in Story Time in the Library on Fridays at lunch. During class Assemblies we offer our assistance and set up and pack up the chairs for parents and teachers, we read the Merit Awards and deliver a Weekly Student Councillor Report. It is a privilege to be a Student Councillor and represent not just the Year 6s but the entire student cohort.

Written by Jaxon, Taylah, Bella, Ava, Mackenzie, Jasmine, Hannah & Aiden.