Students - School Guidelines




We have a ‘No Hat, No Play’ Policy.  Students who do not have hat are not to play and are required to stay in the shade, sit under the verandah, and this also includes activities during lesson times.





Students leaving the school during the day should present formal notification to the classroom teacher. 





For security before and after school, students are permitted to have a mobile phone at school. However, they must sign a contract to agree to the stipulated terms and conditions and the phone, iPad or electronic device must be handed in to their classroom teacher each morning and collected at the conclusion of the school day.



Homework can assist students to create study habits that will help them become lifelong learners.  Homework focuses on the revision of concepts covered in class or the reinforcement of work already completed.  There may be times when your child will require assistance; however, they should be able to complete most tasks independently.  


Teachers have an expectation that homework will be completed.  If you have any queries regarding homework please arrange a time to speak with the teacher.  In accordance with Department of Education guidelines, the issuing of and completion by students is non-compulsory.





The importance of the Internet to school and education is growing daily.  Access to this resource provides opportunities to greatly enhance the educational programs offered to students.  The Internet is a means of bringing the world around us into the students’ classrooms.


To avoid misuse or exposure to inappropriate material by students, the use of the Internet by students is governed by strict guidelines.  


Spring Hill Primary School’s Internet Policy has been designed to incorporate the ‘Internet Usage, Policy and Guidelines’ from the Department of Education of Western Australia and also the ideals of our school.


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance for teachers, students and parents alike.  We urge all parents to read the policy, discuss it with their children and to approach the school if they wish to have any part of the document clarified.






Information for Parents, Students and Teachers applying to excessive and prolonged hot



The WA Department of Education does not have a blanket ‘heat policy’ applying when days are very hot. 

Schools must ensure that student and staff wellbeing is addressed. 

Heat stress is a real risk for people outside, especially those engaging in physical activity.

  • Physical Education teachers will carefully choose appropriate supervised activities for
  • students during class time.
  • During recess and lunch, and until further notice this week, all outdoor sport activity is banned.
  • Students are not to play any type of outdoor sports involving running, chasing, balls. etc.
  • Basketball is not permitted on the outside courts.
  • All students are encouraged to seek shade during lunch times and drink plenty of water. 
  • Teachers please ensure that students adhere to these directions. 


  •  Wet weather will be announced prior to the break periods.
  •  In the event that students have already been dismissed and the weather alters, a siren will be sounded.

If this occurs, then All staff and students return to their classrooms.


The SHPS Bushfire Plan can be found via the following link - click here