Our School - Board

  Board Members -


Stephen Routledge                                                             Robert Crayford

Principal                                                                             Chair

Ailsa Wooden                                                                      Samantha Turrell

Secretary                                                                            Staff                                 

Adam Dagnell                                                                      Katie Crouch  

Parent                                                                                 Parent

Melissa Guilliamse                                                              Stephanie Downie

Parent                                                                                 Parent


The Spring Hill PS Board is a diverse team of individuals who represent the entire school community. We engage, connect and actively listen to ensure the views of our community and the needs of our students are at the core of our strategic decision making process. 

We are committed to upholding our school community’s values whilst maintaining governance, inclusivity and transparency to ensure the effective delivery of the strategic initiatives as stated in this business plan

The schools vision statement guides our work to deliver continued growth, improvement and support within our school community.

 Core business for us is to;

      · Understand why decisions are made

      · Inform decisions that are to be made

           · Make decisions when legislation requires us to

The Spring Hill PS Board is focused on improving our school and is appreciative of your continued support.