Our School - Fathering Project - Dad's Group

The Spring Hill Primary School Fathering Project Champion Dads Group, the FROTH, was formed in 2017.

At Spring Hill our “Champion Dads” are known as the “F.R.O.T.H” or Fathers Roaming on the Hill.

We are social group for fathers and father figures to meet, talk, share and support each other to be the best dad they can be. It’s an opportunity for dads to learn about exciting things they can do with their children to have fun and really help the school with other dads and their children.

Our Champion Dads meet each term to organise events including:

  • Camp Out
  • Fathering Fridays - join your kids for recess or lunch at school
  • Big Beach Days
  • Dads in the Canteen
  • Movie Nights


For information please contact Kevin Roberts, or the P&C and follow the school newsletter to see all the amazing fun we have!