Parents & Community - Attendance

Attendance is compulsory, and every absence must be explained by written or verbal information from parents or caregivers.  Please advise your child’s teacher of any illness or injury that is likely to result in an absence of more than a few days.

Students MUST attend school every day unless they are sick.


Schools are responsible for monitoring the attendance of students The Department’s policy states that the school must investigate a student’s attendance if it falls below 90%. i.e. more than 5 absences per term.

If your child is not feeling the best, please keep them home. 

If you are unsure ask yourself:

  • Would you want your child around other sick children?
  • Will they be able to actively participate in a full day’s activities and gain full benefit from the programme?
  • Trust you own instincts and knowledge of your child!

If your child becomes unwell or injured while at school, we will contact you, so you can arrange for them to picked up. 


It is important that you keep your contact records up to date, so we can contact you in case of emergency.  

If your child is going to be absent from school, parents can text message their child’s absence on the school mobile on 0438 990 841. You will be able to send and receive TEXTS ONLY to this number. 

All students who are not at school by 8:45 am are recorded as absent and parents or legal guardians will be sent an SMS message. We use SMS messaging to follow up on school attendance.

Please don't try to phone the number, it can only receive text messages.  It is for student attendance only. 

We ask that all families have their mobile phone recorded at our school office so that we can send out the message to the right contact person.