Parents & Community - Enrolments

Priority of Enrolments

Spring Hill Primary School welcomes enrolments from all students into our community. Students residing within the school’s catchment area and enrolling into compulsory schooling Pre-Primary through to Year Six are guaranteed a place at our school. 

Enrolments from International Fee-Paying students are welcome. Queries should be directed in the first instance to TAFE International WA via their website or email to or by telephone on 08 9218 2100.

If you live outside of the catchment area, we welcome your application for consideration. Admissions can occur, but only if there are places available.

View the scrollable local intake area map or local intake street names list to see whether you live in or out of our catchment.


Enrolment Forms


Please download, complete the online enrolment form, print and sign the Application for Enrolment Part A. If you are enrolling more than one child, we require an application form to be filled out for each child.

To meet our requirement, enrolments must include a photocopy of the following documents along with the originals to be sighted. 

If this documentation cannot be provided, at the time of enrolment, we will not proceed, and your application for enrolment will be declined.  

Application for Enrolment Form Part A - (Expression of Interest)

The above Part A form must be accompanied with the following copies of documentation: 

  • Verification of proof of permanent residency within Spring Hill Primary School catchment area will be required prior to an enrolment package being issued for your child.  
  • Proof of residential address x 2 - one must be proof of ownership of property, (e.g. Council or water rates), a lease agreement from Real Estate (minimum 6 months or Statutory Declaration) or Private Rental (Statutory Declaration) the second must be either the most recent electricity or gas account.
  • Birth Certificate or Passport If your child was born outside of Australia, please include a Citizenship Certificate or Visa documentation AND passport, showing the Visa Sub Class, Visa Grant Number and date of arrival in Australia.   
  • An AIR Immunisation History Statement Parents can access an AIR Immunisation History Statement by: Phoning the Australian Immunisation Register enquiries line on 1800 653 809, visiting Medicare Online through the MyGov website, using the Express Plus Medicare app or visiting their local Department of Human Services Centre
  • Parents can take information about their child’s overseas immunisation to their immunisation provider or doctor. Their immunisation provider or Doctor will create an AIR Immunisation History Statement and give them a copy.
  • If you have not immunised your child for any reason, you still need to provide the school an AIR Statement which states your child has not had any immunisations. Further information on obtaining current evidence can be found on the Department of Health website.
  • Copies of Family Court or any other court orders (if applicable).
  • Information relating to suspensions or exclusions.
  • Information relating to disabilities or medical conditions. 

Once completed, the signed application form must be submitted to our Administration office, together with all required supporting documentation.








Applications for Kindergarten and Pre-Primary Enrolments 2021

Applications are open from Tuesday 5 May 2020 prior to eligibility and will close on Friday 24 July 2020.   


Parents will need to submit an Application for Enrolment (Part A) and ALL documentation prior to the closing date.

We will confirm placements and invite you to complete Student Enrolment Part B by mid August.


Pre-Primary Enrolments 2021

Applications are open from Friday 6 August 2020 prior to eligibility and will close on Friday 28 August 2020.  

Kindy is not compulsory schooling therefore parents of students already enrolled in our Kindergarten program and who wish their child to continue at our school for 2021, will also need to complete an Application for Enrolment (Part A) and provide ALL documentation prior to Friday, 21 August 2021.   

After receiving your Application for Enrolment (Part A) we will confirm placements for students in our 'Local Area' intake and invite you to complete the enrolment process by early September. 

Out of Area students, we welcome your application for consideration. Admissions can occur, but only if there are places available. This date is TBA and will be confirmed by the principal.  

ALL applications will be notified by the school either offering a place or indicating that no place is available.

If your child is leaving Spring Hill in 2021

Parents of our current K-6 students who intend enrolling their child/children in a program at a school other than Spring Hill Primary School for 2021 are asked to complete the Student Exit Form and return it to Administration or e-mail as soon as is practical. 

For further information on enrolling your child, please visit the Department of Education’s Enrolling in School. You can also use the School Age Calculator to check which year your child is eligible to be enrolled in.  Priority of Enrolments