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Booklists and Personal Items Our preferred supplier is Campion Education (Australia) Pty Ltd and, whilst you are under no obligation to use Campion Education, you are encouraged to do so. 

  • Attached are personal items lists for each year level. Items can be purchased:
  • Online from Campion Education
  • Or by submitting a completed order form at the school’s administration by 1st December for collection by Campion Education. (Payment is made when items are collected.) 

Order your 2020 booklist, and Campion Education are always happy to help you with any of your questions.

Spring Hill Booklists


Kindy Booklist 2020

Pre-Primary Booklist 2020

Year 1 Booklist 2020

Year 2 Booklist 2020

Year 3 Booklist 2020

Year 4 Booklist 2020

Year 5 Booklist 2020

Year 6 Booklist 2020