Parents & Community - Payments to The School

 Contributions and Charges

The School Board has endorsed the Contributions and Charges schedule for 2021 as per the School Education Act (1999) and Regulations (2000). 


In 2021, the contributions will provide funding for school programs in the areas of computing, sports carnivals, assemblies, student texts, reading books, library books and concerts.


Payment of the contribution with the booklist to or early in the school year, would be greatly appreciated. 

Download a copy of the schedule outlining the 2021 Contributions and Charges.


Throughout the year, parents will be asked to pay charges for certain events and activities. Swimming lessons, camps incursions and excursions are examples of school activities for which parents need to pay a charge so that their child can participate.


Payments can be made by EFTPOS by visiting the Administration office, but preferably to the school bank account. 


The account details are as follows:


Account Name: Spring Hill  Primary School


BSB: 066040   Account: 19902757 


Reference: Child’s Surname/s and Room number


Description: School Contributions / Excursion or Incursion Name (fee type)


Even if you pay online or at the office, permission forms / permission slips still need to be completed and returned to the class teacher ASAP.


Parents experiencing difficulties with payment of the contribution are asked to contact the school.

Payment plan arrangements can be made with the school to spread the payment of contributions and charges (such as Year 6 camp) throughout the year. 


Funds will only be allocated to events that you consent to and refunds are available if excess money remains at the end of the school year. 


Please email us at if you would like to discuss setting up a payment arrangement like this.