Parents & Community - School Charges & Payments

Financial support from parents plays an important role in providing resources that extend learning opportunities and experiences for all students attending Spring Hill Primary School. Once your child is enrolled at the School you will receive information regarding the Contributions and Charges for the year ahead.  

We encourage parents to pay all costs including the Contributions and Charges, to enable us to support education through the provision of modern resources and equipment. Resources and equipment, although supported by our public education system, are also provided through the payment of Contributions and Charges.

Payments can be made


We have EFTPOS and Pay Pass Facilities in the Administration between 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.

You can pay, electronically with credit card

  • In person

  • By telephone

  • Completing details on your payments slips   

Alternatively, you can Direct Deposit into the bank.  

  • Direct Deposit:  Spring Hill Primary School BSB: 066 040   Account: 19902757 
  • Reference:  Student Family Name, First name   e.g. Smith, John 

An email advising the purpose of your payment and the amount paid can be emailed to:  Administration.

Voluntary Contributions

Spring Hill School Board has endorsed the schedule of  2020 Voluntary Contributions for this year and the Personal Items list under section 108 of the School Education Act 1999. 


There are discounted rates for families who have more than one child attending the school, and you have also the option to include payment for your school voluntary contribution to Campion Education you who collects these contributions with booklists on our behalf.    


There are also additional costs associated with various activities, excursions, camps, and special programs. These extra costs will be covered on a user-pays basis and Parents/Guardians will receive notification of these additional costs as they arise.


Payment Plans


We appreciate that the payment of these charges can be a financial burden for some families. Payment plan arrangements can be made with the school to spread the payment of contributions and optional charges (such as Year 6 camp) through the year. Should you be experiencing difficulties with making these payments, or if you require any further information relating to the charges please email our Manager Corporate Services.


Refund of Extra Cost Optional Component Payments

From time to time students may accrue ‘unallocated credit’ on their account as a result of over-payment in error/double payment or children not being present for an excursion or an incursion. This credit may be used in different ways, for example it can be held to pay for future incursions or excursions, it can be transferred to a sibling, or it may be refunded to you. The school will contact you if your child has an unallocated credit on their account. If you wish to request a refund please submit this form to the Administration Office.

We appreciate your ongoing financial support with the payment of Contributions and Changes as they will make a significant difference to the quality of education we can provide for your child/children.    

Any communications, or payments to the P & C or Canteen, must be made directly to the P & C, not to the school.


There is also a P & C collection box in the Administration office if you wish to leave any contact information.