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The Fathering Project is a not for profit and inclusive charity that seeks to help children by assisting fathers and father-figures to realise their importance in children’s lives and to improve their effectiveness as a father and role-model for children

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 The Fathering Project has five main aims: 

·         To help fathers realise how important they are in a child's life,

·         To inspire fathers to get involved with their children,

·         To give them advice and opportunities on how to do this,

·         To develop programs and initiatives to assist and promote this engagement and

·         To utilise researched evidence to encourage positive change in fathers.


The research is compelling - an effective father figure can significantly reduce negative outcomes for children and teenagers, and assist them in developing emotionally, socially and physically healthy lives. We also recognise that the primary male influence in a child’s life may not necessarily be their actual father, and instead may be a step-dad, uncle, grandfather or someone otherwise connected with their family. As such we encourage anyone who sees themselves as a ‘father figure’ to become involved with The Fathering Project.


One of our primary strategies is to assist Dads and father-figures in forming and then maintaining “Champion Dads” groups that are connected to the schools their children attend. The creation of these groups gives Dads the opportunity to engage with their children in fun activities, whilst at the same time becoming part of a strong and supportive network with like-minded Dads, developing their own parenting knowledge, making new friends for themselves and their children and building a stronger school community. As of the end of 2016, 91 Champion Dads groups have been formed in WA schools together with 10 interstate groups from New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.


At Spring Hill Primary School our “Champion Dads” (known as the “F.R.O.T.H” or Fathers Roaming On The Hill” meet twice a term to organise two events a term that encourage and provide opportunities for father figures to engage with their kids. If you are interested in getting involved don’t hesitate to contact our Co-ordinator Chris Lambe, a teacher and parent at the school, for information e-mail Chris at, our visit our website or visit for more information.