Parents & Community - Transition to High School


Moving from primary school to secondary school is a significant event in every child’s education journey It’s a time of big changes in their development, education and life, and selecting a school is never an easy decision.Our year 6 teachers and the staff at Spring Hill are here to make this process as easy as possible.

Secondary schools offer unique programs that cater for a variety of student needs through an extensive ATAR and VET subject availability. These include sports, performing arts, digital technologies, enrichment and engagement programs.

You play an important role in supporting your child through this transition period. The choice of what school your child will attend is up to you. Here are a few suggestions that we can make in selecting a school for your child.

·      Explore all schools in your local area.

·      Write a list about what you want from a school for your child, family and possible other siblings to come.

·      Visit schools' websites and develop a short list of schools to visit.

·      Contact schools regarding orientation and/or arrange for school tours.

·      Learn what they will be doing in their first year.

·      Meet other students.