Parents & Community - Head Lice

Parents are responsible for checking for head lice. 

Please email the school or call 6207 3800 if head lice are detected on your child, so the teacher and other parents can be advised. 

If a student is detected with head lice, parents will be advised. 

It is advisable to check your child’s hair regularly. The child may return to school the following day after they have been treated.

Please download Head Lice Information from the Department of Health.

Spring Hill Policy Procedure - Head Lice

School action if a student presents with head lice:

  • Contact parents and ask that the student be kept home until treated and refer parents to the Head Lice Parent Fact Sheet above.

  • Where practical the student will remain in class, however if the lice infestation is severe the student the parent will be called and requested to collect their child.

  • Notify other parents in that classroom to check their child for lice

What parents can do:

  • Notify the school if your child has lice so other students can be informed and checked

  • Check other children in your household

  • Treat your child

  • Students may be re-admitted to school the following day once the treatment has commenced.