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Why Not Download Our Skoolbag App!


We use SkoolBag to keep everyone informed with what's happening at school - it's our window to school life! 

From Notices and Events to Reminders and important links.


It's all on Skoolbag!

  • You can have it sent directly to your phone from our school
  • You can select which notices you would like to receive, so you have no more lost paper in school bags!
  • You can create your own content categories to target years, classes etc. 
  • Link to calendars, website and newsletters
  • You can email or phone the school directly from the app
  • Absentee notification either by SMS or a form
  • Information also available; special events, meetings,last minute changes or cancellations, School Board, P & C, parent representative groups

If you haven't added our school to SkoolBag yet, please follow the installation instructions below:  

The App is available from:

 App Store and Google Play.