Parents & Community - Medication

Under no circumstances will medication be administered to children without full written instructions from parents.


Under no circumstances is medication to be kept in a child’s school bag, this is in line with school and Department of Education policy.

Teachers do not enter lightly into an agreement to administer medication, and wherever possible the school encourages:

  • Parents/carers to consider whether they can administer medication outside the school day, such as before and after school and before bed, as this causes less disruption to the school day.
  • Parents are also welcome to come to school and administer medication.
  • The medication must be clearly labelled with the child’s name and provided in the original packaging or container.
  • Documentation must be signed and dated by a parent or carer and provided to the Administration Office with the medication. 


Short-term medication 


Form 3 (up to two weeks), such as antibiotics, requires the Administration of Medication  to be completed only if you are sure it can’t be administered outside the school day.


Medical Action Plans / Long Term Medication


Students with specific health care needs are required to have a Student Health Care Plan.

Parents are requested to complete the Departments Standardised Student Health Care Plans which will state the medication that is needed to support the student at school or on an excursion.


It is important that medical information is kept up to date. In order to do this the health care plans will be sent out at the end of each year and must be returned to the administration prior to the stat of the school year.

These plans include, Anaphylaxis, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Seizures and Asthma. 


Download Forms for common conditions. For other conditions the Generic Health Care Form or a plan provided by a medical practitioner can be used.