News & Events - Travelling to School



We all have a responsibility when it comes to safe driving around our school. 

In an effort to enhance the safety of children of our children: 

  • Observe parking restrictions (check available signage)
  • Always be aware of children
  • Walk or cycle to and from school
  • Stop on the school side so your child does not have to cross the road
  • Park nearby and walk a short distance to the school 
  • Please be mindful of our neighbours in the homes around the School  

Parents are NOT permitted to use clearly marked designated staff bays for picking up/setting down children

Parents who are delivering children to school should use designated parking areas around the school.


There are a number of parking areas located around the school. These include:

  • Street parking (Crimson Way and Spring Hill near the early childhood classrooms)
  • The rear car park entered off Crimson Way 
  • The main car park located in front of the Administration building 
  • Disabled bays are for those who are able to display an ACROD Parking Permit 
  • The car park near the basketball courts is for staff use only


Bikes, scooter and skateboards 


Bike racks are provided at the school for children riding bikes or scooters.

  • Students must wear a helmet 
  • Students must walk their bike or scooter in and out of the school grounds, and it is suggested that they provide themselves with an efficient bike-locking device.
  • All bikes and scooters should be secured in the bike racks provided. 
  • Bikes or scooters cannot be stored  in classes or learning blocks.
  • Students are not permitted to bring skateboards to school.
  • The school does not encourage the use of roller blades and roller skates as a means of going to and from school.  

Any student who ignores these rules will not be permitted to bring their bike or scooter to school.