Learning - Physical Education


 All primary school students participate in a weekly 60-minute physical education class.

The Physical Education program aims to expose students to a wide variety of sports and activities. 

This is designed to help students develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for confident, lifelong participation in sport and recreation activities. 

It enables students to make responsible decisions about physical activity and to promote their own and others' health and wellbeing.


The school is divided into four factions:  

Green - Banksia

Red - Jarrah

Gold - Acacia

Blue - Tuart


Students are placed in the same faction as their siblings and remain in that faction throughout their stay at our school. 

Early Years skills include:

  • Body Management Skills including balance, stopping, landing, turning, stretching and dodging

  • Locomotion Skills such as walking, running and leaping

  • Object control skills such as throwing, catching, bouncing, striking and rolling

Middle Years focus on utilizing the skills learnt in the early years in modified game situations.

A varied program encourages student’s participation in physical activity and this includes:

  •  Athletics

  • Team sports 

  • Swimming

  • Interschool competitions